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In 2016, the Swiss sports equipment producer SCOTT Sports wanted to develop its online presence by moving from a showcase website to an e-commerce platform. In order to meet the requirements of its customers, the brand decided to make the transition to digital, without neglecting its brick-and-mortar stores.

An understanding of the business challenges and needs

“Since 2012, we had a website based on Hybris where Internet users could browse our products. Ordering products online is now part of new consumption habits and we could not afford to fail to meet customer demand,” explains Joël Conus, Head of Web Development, SCOTT Sports.

Moving from a brand website to a retail website involves many challenges, which SCOTT Sports successfully met with its partners.

“The fact that SQLI's teams are already familiar with Hybris technology and have carried out projects of this kind was an asset. Their overall expertise, the variety of their skills and their support solution won us over,” states Joël Conus.

“In addition to the project's e-commerce dimension, SQLI's consultants showed us another facet of their expertise. During our collaboration, SCOTT Sports experienced a number of changes within its teams. SCOTT Sports and SQLI moved forward together in order to restructure resources and optimise processes, so that the various tasks advanced as smoothly as possible,” he adds.

Another of the challenges for SCOTT Sports was the number of product references, which was estimated to be more than 75,000. In the context of an e-commerce platform, there was an issue of product availability.
SCOTT Sports uses the ERP system SAP to perform two-way synchronisation. Thanks to this, the stock situation is passed all the way up to the e-commerce site.

“Being right where our customers expect us to be”

“SQLI successfully challenged us with this project. We now have a high-performance online platform that keeps up with the changing demands of today's market. Our aim was to be visible to our customers through this new sales channel.
Stores are important for our company. It is important to bear in mind that when we sell a product via our e-commerce website, our retailer network is involved in the transaction.”

BtoB currently represents a larger share of the business than BtoC. However, SCOTT Sports is experiencing increasing growth in BtoBtoC. “It is not uncommon for customers to come to a store for advice on a product, but the model they want is no longer available. In this case, the purchase can be done on our website, subject to availability, and delivery made directly to the customer's home,” adds Joël Conus.

"We are continuing our collaboration, in particular for website upgrades, but also for the mobile dimension. We very much want to make all communication channels part of our digital transformation strategy,” comments Joël Conus.

SQLI's work with SCOTT Sports does not end here.
“We were convinced by all of SQLI's Skills Centres and we are currently working with them on Analytics,” adds Joël Conus.

One of our Digital Analytics & Search consultants at SQLI submitted a roadmap to SCOTT Sports including audience activation, refining of the buyer persona, assistance with data protection compliance and more.
These are all areas that SCOTT Sports and SQLI are currently working on.

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