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You've probably already noticed on the payment terminals of your favorite shops and supermarkets, a colorful little logo located next to a QR code – the TWINT logo.

TWINT is the number one mobile payment company in Switzerland and has already conquered the entire territory since its launch in 2016.

In this article, e-commerce expert Fabienne Bernigaud tells us why TWINT & Magento is the ideal winning duo to boost your sales and reach success.


With TWINT it is possible to pay in almost any physical points of sale in Switzerland as well as any online website. This mobile payment method, which is known by 83% of the Swiss population, is a real asset for Swiss e-commerce sites. Indeed, more than 40% of online merchants surveys indicate that the share of payments made via smartphone is already higher than 30%.

How can we help you?

At SQLI, we have deployed TWINT with Magento for renowned clients, going beyond the simple integration of the payment method. Indeed, the possibilities of applications have no more limit than your capacity of innovations.

In a brand model with physical and digital points of sale, TWINT can enhance the user experience by allowing your customers who would like to buy a product that is not available in store to order it directly, by scanning a QR code in store and choosing to have it delivered to their home or to the store.

You can also use the TWINT application to promote your offers, your loyalty program, personalize the user experience, organize private sales and more.

Who uses it?

Currently, half of the Swiss population that own a smartphone use the TWINT application and more than half of Swiss online shops offer TWINT as a form of payment. According to the IPSOS study, TWINT is top of mind. No other means of payment is spontaneously cited more often as a payment service provider, i.e. by 43% of the population, 56% of the under-34s and 61% of students. The majority of Swiss people have expressed their wish to use TWINT more frequently in the future.

As of October 2020, more than three million people were already using the TWINT app.

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In 2020 we reached 100 Million transactions, said Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT, at the press conference in Zurich.

TWINT users currently make more than 11 million transactions per month, simply scanning QR TWINT codes or at store checkouts, online stores or apps. The number of such transactions tripled in only a year.

As such, it is important to note that if you are a Swiss e-marketer that doesn't offer TWINT as a form of payment, you risk losing important sales. At SQLI, we would be more than happy to guide towards this direction as we already have with other renowned clients.

From the simplicity of integrating the TWINT payment method on your e-shop, to the development of innovative features and user journeys for your brand, SQLI, as an experienced partner, will accompany you in the entire process, to make your ambitions a reality.

To get your quote at an attractive cost and speed up your business, contact us now.

The team behind this project


Antoine Orsini

Fullstack Developer


Daniel Seng

Magento Expert


Fabienne Bernigaud

E-commerce Project Manager


Luís Marques

Magento Expert

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