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Microsoft Power Platform

The modern business is not a constant, it is always changing, and this represents a major challenge. One way to face this challenge is to opt for quick app building solutions.

The goal of this article is to present Microsoft’s Power Platform and its components as it is a great platform for implementing and automating different business scenarios.

By Denitsa Radeva, Developer, Power Platform expert.

    Power Platform Overview

    The Power Platform consist of a wide range of services for business intelligence, rapid application development and Enterprise data handling available as a Desktop and Mobile version.

    Power Platform Components
    Powerful alone Better together Microsoft Power Platform

    Components, what is what?

    Power BI is a business intelligence tool for visualizing and analysing data from different sources such as SharePoint lists, Excel tables, Microsoft Dataverse, SQL databases and more. Power BI is used for creating reports and dashboards with a wide range of visualizations.

    PowerApps is for writing custom low code business applications (desktop and mobile). PowerApps enables a broad range of scenarios to be created that facilitate the digital transformation process. They are divided into 3 main types: Canvas applications, Model-Driven applications and Portals. With PowerApps you can integrate business data from a wide variety of Microsoft and third-party sources.

    Power Apps References

    Canvas apps are used for building an enterprise’s internal - use applications. They offer the flexibility to arrange the user experience and interface and every visual detail is highly customizable.

    Model-driven apps are used for defining sophisticated business processes with a focus on the data model – data stored in Microsoft Dataverse. The latter is a cloud-based storage space for organizational data. Model-driven apps have multiple components like dashboards, forms, charts but from a design point a view they are more limited than the Canvas apps.

    Power apps Portals allow organizations to create websites.Model-driven and canvas Power Apps deliver business functionality to people, but they are, by design, applications for internal enterprise use. PowerApps Portals do not have this limitation and can be opened for users external to the organization. They are built on top of Microsoft Dataverse.

    Flow Reference Power Platform

    Power Automate is used to design automated workflows and save people valuable time on manually performed tasks. It is a web-based service that can link different components, synchronize files, send notifications/reminders, and collect/modify data. 

    The flows are categorized into these groups by the type of trigger they use.

    • Automated – usually triggered by an event, for example arrival of an email.
    • Instant – They are triggered by the click of a button, for example instantly send a reminder to a team with a push of a button.
    • Scheduled – They are triggered on time bases, for example daily data upload to a SharePoint or a database.
    • Business process – They ensure that everyone in your company follows the same process by defining a set of steps for people to follow.
    • UI flow – They record click and keyboard strokes from Desktop/Web applications and automate the playback of manual steps on legacy software.
    No Code Reference

    Power Virtual Agents lets you develop flexible chatbots that can answer questions posed by your customers, employees or visitors on your website or service.

    AI Reference

    Connectivity and integration

    All elements in the Power Platform can work as a stand-alone component or be easily integrated to interact together. The integration between them usually is done by connectors that are basically a proxy or a wrapper around an API that allows the underlying service to “talk” with the different components in the Power Platform. They are over 300 connectors that can be used between the services.

    Portal References

    Advance quickly, spend time on what is important

    The Power Apps component comes with a set of prebuild templates that can be customized according your organization’s identity such as:

    HR application:

    Facilitate your hiring process with the following capabilities:

    • Distribute the open positions in different departments.
    • Add job position, description, and status
    • Add candidates’ short CV
    • Review and vote for hiring different candidates
    • Integrate directly with Microsoft Teams

    Crisis communication applications: 

    Create internal communications hub and share information with all your employees directly in MS Teams with the following capabilities:

    • Company news
    • World news
    • FAQ
    • Links
    • Emergency contacts
    Hospitality Reference Power Platform

    Our stories

    Hospitality app: Luxury industry


    Our customer regularly organizes important events for its proper customers, partners, and the press.

    During these events he distributes gifts and gives access to benefits like dinners, ceremonies, or conferences on these events.

    These events must be monitored more efficiently to ensure the objectives of each event in terms of leads and targeted people reached.

    Solution built

    PowerApps application with integrated Power Automate that registers customers' presence and comments during events.

    Data service and app platform: Microsoft Dataverse

    Market Reference Power Platform

    Worldwide Market’s data collection app: Tobacco industry


    Our customer collects data for launching strategies on a worldwide level and needed a solution that can:

    Replace use of Excel Sheets

    Build reports in Power BI for different KPI monitoring

    Solution built

    PowerApps application to collect the data, Power Automate to send notifications and Power BI reports for data visualizations with integrated PowerApps calendar to reinforce the Power BI visuals.

    Platform to keep the data: SharePoint Online

    Let's Connect

    At SQLI we have experienced Power Platform professionals who can assist you in finding and building the right solution.

    If you are curious about the Platform and its adaptation within your organization, don’t hesitate to contact our team and discuss your idea further. We can organize a short demonstration and prepare a dedicated Proof of Concept that will reflect your need.

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    The team behind this project

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    Denitsa Radeva

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