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For Christmas 2019, the department store chain MANOR has mandated SQLI to set up a chatbot on its Facebook Messenger pages for 6 weeks.  

Objectives: support their global Christmas campaign, highlight their product catalogues in a fun way and enrich the customer experience with an interactive and innovative tool.   
This chatbot was designed to inspire and help the user in their quest for the ideal gift, with the help of Elfred, their cheerful elf who has been accompanying the brand for 2 years now. 
In order to achieve the objectives and ensure a good experience for the user, we first performed an analysis of the different steps and important issues that a person faces when looking for gifts. 

SQLI therefore organised several workshops with MANOR and carried out user tests to list these issues. This step allowed us to create a decision tree and thus lay out the structure of the chatbot. 
Another challenge was to create a fluid and natural conversation that would suit the Facebook Messenger deployment environment and this in the 3 national languages: German, French and Italian. 

"This project, completed in less than 6 weeks, was also a real challenge while taking into account the change in the CRM of the MANOR website, resulting in a greater complexity in the management of product combinations. After deploying the chatbot using chatfuel technology, our mission was to maintain it, modify products when they were no longer available and make improvements following analysis of its use." explains Christelle Legrand, Digital Marketing Consultant, SQLI.

The campaign generated many positive returns for MANOR. It has enabled the brand to benefit from a better brand awareness and to position itself as an innovative player in the Swiss retail landscape. 
Many Swiss German media have taken a close interest in MANOR's chatbot. One example is an article in Persönlich, a magazine specialising in communication and advertising, and Werbewoche, which deals with marketing topics. 
The chatbot has also aroused the curiosity of some suppliers who would like their products to be included in the robot's gift ideas. 

Chatbot Manor
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