Tuesday 29 October 2019

6 tips to guarantee your intranet success

As with any digital system, user experience must be at the heart of your intranet implementation project. You must take account of the tools that your staff use on a day-to-day basis and the information that they need to find but also the format best-suited to them.

But in practical terms, how do you guarantee your intranet success? Are there examples of good practice that means that each staff member feels that the tool they use on a day-to-day basis was designed especially for them?


Involving your staff from the design stage will enable you to get them involved and focus on real needs.

Follow the stages of the Design Thinking methodology: empathise (understand customs and context), define (determine possible areas for innovation), ideate (create scenarios for possible solutions), prototype (develop prototype of service or product) and test (test with users).

eBook: Guarantee your intranet success


Forums, corporate social networks, corporate crowdfunding tools and even online brainstorming platforms: more and more companies are adopting turnkey solutions to give their staff the chance to speak and provide them with effective tools.

In the vast majority of cases, they choose SaaS platforms independent from each other. Consequently, the continuity of the experience can quickly be sacrificed.

To limit this deterioration of the experience, the “digital hub” approach then appears as a simple and effective means to aggregate and unify the use of these numerous tools.


For this intranet site to genuinely become an everyday work tool, your staff must have access to it under any conditions, without any difference in experience between the different devices used.

This obviously requires “responsive web design”, but that’s not all: the identification and authentication phases must be smooth, without any complex forms, such as applications integrating the Facebook Connect or Amazon Single Sign On functions.

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eBook: Guarantee your intranet success

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