Montag 10 Februar 2020

Digital Commerce in B2B ... or not to be?


Increasingly more B2B purchases are made online. What’s more, B2B buyers indicate that they are not buying as much or as frequent as they would like, mainly because B2B companies fail to provide them with a convenient, effective and intelligent digital commerce option.

So, have these companies chosen not to be digital? What is stopping them?

In discussions with business owners, I often notice great resemblance in the challenges they face. Let me therefore share the 5 most common obstacles any company is likely to encounter on the path...

Dienstag 28 Januar 2020

Why you can get SAP CRM for free too!

To encourage SAP ECC (and CRM) customers to make the switch to S/4HANA, the latest version has included some powerful CRM functionalities in its...

Montag 20 Januar 2020

Social media and e-commerce: a winning pair to enhance performance

The performance of an e-commerce website should not be based on technical aspects alone. It should also be driven by a global ecosystem, which the...

Mittwoch 15 Januar 2020

Which trends can we expect for e-commerce in 2020

Over the past decade, e-commerce has undergone many profound transformations. Which trends will dominate Belgium in 2020?


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Freitag 19 Juli 2019

ONE FORCE 2022 Strategic Plan & organic growth of 6.3% in first-half 2019

ONE FORCE 2022 Strategic Plan & organic growth of 6.3% in first-half 2019

European digital services group SQLI announces its ONE FORCE 2022 strategic plan and its turnover for the first half of 2019.

A new context for a fresh start

For nearly 30 years, SQLI has emerged as a digital expert and gained strong ground with more than 2,000 employees (almost half of them outside of France), digital services centers in four countries (France, Spain, Morocco and South Africa) and prestigious references, including three of the world’s five largest luxury groups, Airbus, Arcelor, Bridgestone, Carlsberg, Miele, Nespresso and RTE, etc.

In order to further its development and unlock the full potential of its experts, SQLI has embarked on a new strategic plan, which takes into account the digital industry’s underlying trends...

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Donnerstag 28 März 2019

SQLI Belux is recruiting 50 new employees

SQLI continues its rapid expansion in 2019

SQLI BeLux is reinforcing its teams! The agency, that specialises in digital experience and unified...

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