Dienstag 04 Februar 2020

A new Acquia Drupal 8 certified! #certification


Last week, Julien Barne, Drupal 8 Developer at SQLI Switzerland passed and obtained his Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8 certification. This certification is part of the desire to showcase his expertise within SQLI with our partner Acquia.

"I'm happy to be able to showcase my skills and expertise through this certification and to be able to offer that to our clients. And to paraphrase one of my cult series: "I used to have two enemies; spinach and Drupal. Today I eat more spinach and for Drupal I have the secret boot."

According to...

Donnerstag 30 Januar 2020

A new Magento 2 certified! #certification

Earlier this week, Bastien Raillard, Technical Expert at SQLI Switzerland, obtained his first Magento 2 certification, the Associate Developer.

Mittwoch 22 Januar 2020

Chatbot Manor : an expert in gift giving

For Christmas 2019, the department store chain MANOR has mandated SQLI to set up a chatbot on its Facebook Messenger pages for 6 weeks....

Montag 06 Januar 2020

Data-driven UX : mieux comprendre, mesurer et agir

Pour être optimale, l’amélioration des performances de tout site doit passer par une connaissance fine de ses utilisateurs. Impossible d’optimiser...

Press releases

Dienstag 16 April 2019

Online loan solution: Crédit Agricole next bank shifts up a gear

Press releases

What if you no longer needed to head into your local branch to get an offer on a mortgage to buy your main home? What if, with just a few clicks, you could walk away with your personal financing plan and mortgage in principle in less than 20 minutes? This is what Crédit Agricole next bank is offering its customers: the ability to choose their channel of interaction and a tool that is in line with their habits.

More than blindly following orders: skills, advice and expertise

Following an invitation to tender launched in early 2018, Crédit Agricole next bank chose SQLI Switzerland to help it bring this project to fruition.

"While we were drawn to their responsiveness and engagement, in the end we were won over by the fact that SQLI's teams...

Mittwoch 14 November 2018

SQLI Suisse récompensé pour son innovation digitale Award

SQLI Suisse a été récompensé pour ses compétences digitales le 7 novembre dernier à Münich dans le cadre du Business Executive Forum Oracle. La...

Donnerstag 08 November 2018

Turnover Q3 2018


Donnerstag 17 Mai 2018

Q1 2018 turnover: +12.9%

  • Momentum in line with targets