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Mittwoch 31 Januar 2018


Improve customer experience and digitize sales activities

ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions, European leader in the distribution of high-performance steel products to B2B and B2C customers, has decided to launch its e-commerce activities. With the setup of an online shop for steel products, AMDS wants to digitize its sales activities and offer a better service to its customers. SQLI, European leader in connected experience, through its Belgian office, was chosen to implement Hybris commerce.


ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions is present in 30 countries in Europe, representing 300 facilities and offers a range of steel products on the B2B and B2C market....

Dienstag 26 September 2017

2017 Half Yearly Results

  • Eighth half-year of consecutive growth (+7%)
  • Drop in EBITDA (-16%) and in recurring operating income (-27%)
  • Key acquisitions in Northern...

Montag 25 September 2017

Decisive acquisition in Northern Europe

SQLI announces the acquisition of OSUDIO, an international digital agency operating in 6 countries, mainly in Northern Europe. The Group is...

Donnerstag 27 Juli 2017

WAX Interactive Ghent continues to grow in 2017

Bigger offices for a better support of its customers

WAX Interactive Ghent, SQLI’s digital marketing agency, recently moved to bigger offices, just...

Press Review

Montag 05 Februar 2018

About pimped shopping carts and inventory drones

Press Review

Retail’s Big Show, the yearly event that shows off the newest technologies in the retail branch, recently closed its doors in New York. Like in many branches, artificial intelligence plays an undeniable role when it comes to digital transformation of retail. Benjamin Thomas, Innovation Consultant, takes a look at three startups who reinvent shopping with the help of AI. Thanks to AI, distributors can completely change their way of working, from offering an improved customer experience to a new way of managing stock.

1.   Focal Systems: intelligent shopping carts

Shopping carts were used for the first time in the sixties and not much changed since then. Focal Systems, a startup, founded in 2015 by some Stanford graduates, wants to use AI...

Freitag 20 Oktober 2017

How to become king of marketing (again)?

Ah, marketing. Everyone always has his mouth full about it. And although many have an opinion about how to do marketing in an effective way, not...

Montag 02 Oktober 2017

Predictive Maintenance Is your company ready?

Several airlines have already signed agreements with Airbus on predictive maintenance. This means that all the data from the aircrafts is directly...

Freitag 28 April 2017

Don’t only work for the customer. Be part of the customer

How agile design management improves the project workflow

We often see in creative design agencies that domain experts remain tucked away in the...