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Montag 06 März 2017

WAX Interactive supports Lexus with its lead generation campaigns

WAX Interactive set up two lead generation campaigns for Lexus, the famous luxury brand, owned by the Toyota Group. The focus for the first Facebook campaign was on the NX300h model, a premium crossover. The second one was for the CT200h model, the first compact hybrid car in the luxury segment. The aim of the campaigns was to increase the number of test drives at the dealers and to stimulate the sales of these models. 

Facebook, the ideal network for lead generation

Lexus asked WAX Interactive to realize the lead generation campaigns of which the aim was to increase the sales of two of its models, the NX300h and the CT200h. These campaigns were only ran on Facebook. WAX has thus the possibility to determine the right audience through...

Dienstag 28 Februar 2017


Liege Airport, one of the main airports in Belgium, with a total of 300.000 passengers per year and more than 660.000 tons of cargo, turned to...

Donnerstag 09 Februar 2017

2016 Turnover: 190.8 M€

Fourth quarter confirms a year of organic growth throughout 2016 and another increase in order intake.


Montag 19 Dezember 2016

Suzuki 2Wheels Chooses WAX Interactive for its digital strategy

The Moteo Group, responsible for the distribution of Suzuki motorcycles and parts, recently joined forces with Wax Interactive to develop a new...

Press Review

Freitag 24 Februar 2017

Retail technology is set to explode in 2017

Press Review

Trends and innovations in 2017 will be centred around the connected consumer. As shoppers purchase through multiple channels and grow used to the convenience of online shopping, they are beginning to expect a similar service in physical retail stores. This is leading to an increasing need for retailers to connect the customer experience across all consumer touch points effectively and seamlessly.

As the new year approaches, many retailers will be left licking their wounds following a competitive peak trading price battle. With budgets taking a knock during this period we expect to see more retailers looking to invest in technology that can help boost the customer experience to drive high value brand loyalty – which will pay off in the...

Montag 13 Februar 2017

When fashion follows the (digital) trends

For many years the high fashion industry followed its own rules, not caring much about what was happening in the pitch black surrounding the...

Freitag 23 Dezember 2016

Sell more with social selling

Some years ago, when you wanted to sell a product or a service, a small banner ad on a website was a good idea. In fact, it was the only possible...

Montag 28 November 2016

Mobile commerce I want it all and I want it now!

If the journey towards a fully-connected, omnichannel retail experience were a motorway, shoppers would be in the fast lane. Many are quick to...