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Donnerstag 27 Juli 2017

WAX Interactive Ghent continues to grow in 2017

Bigger offices for a better support of its customers

WAX Interactive Ghent, SQLI’s digital marketing agency, recently moved to bigger offices, just a few hundred meters for the previous ones. This move was crucial to support the expansion of the agency. By the end of the year, the number of employees will have increased by 25 %. On top of that, WAX is in 25th position in the top 100 of digital marketing agencies in Belgium. A nice achievement, thanks to a well-thought shift from web agency to allround digital marketing agency. 

Moving to Huize Minne

WAX Interactive, a digital marketing agency and part of SQLI, the European group specialized in connected experience, recently moved to its new offices in Huize Minne. This move was crucial, as...

Donnerstag 27 Juli 2017

Pizza Hut and food bloggers collaborate to create new pizzas

WAX Interactive inspires and accompanies the creation of new recipes

WAX Interactive and Pizza Hut Belgium collaborated last few months several...

Donnerstag 11 Mai 2017

Q1 2017 turnover: +8%


Donnerstag 04 Mai 2017

Acquisition of digital agency, Star Republic Strengthening of operations in Northern Europe

Established in Göteborg and Stockholm, Star Republic is a team of 70 specialists in e-commerce, mobility and user pattern solutions that operates...

Press Review

Freitag 28 April 2017

Don’t only work for the customer. Be part of the customer

Press Review

How agile design management improves the project workflow

We often see in creative design agencies that domain experts remain tucked away in the office. Most of the SEO consultants & UX designers are briefed about their next project in half-lit meeting rooms, or even worse, by the account manager who’s in the car, rushing off to their next client. They quietly churn away at the new tasks, and finally the account manager chimes in, and shares the output with the client. Isn’t there a way to shorten the chain and to improve flexibility towards customers? Of course, there is, and it is called the agile design management.

Agile methodology?

Let us take a look at the theory first. What is agile methodology exactly? Agile management refers to an...

Freitag 24 Februar 2017

Retail technology is set to explode in 2017

Trends and innovations in 2017 will be centred around the connected consumer. As shoppers purchase through multiple channels and grow used to the...

Montag 13 Februar 2017

When fashion follows the (digital) trends

For many years the high fashion industry followed its own rules, not caring much about what was happening in the pitch black surrounding the...

Freitag 23 Dezember 2016

Sell more with social selling

Some years ago, when you wanted to sell a product or a service, a small banner ad on a website was a good idea. In fact, it was the only possible...