Monday 13 February 2017

Vaudoise Assurances is improving
the experience of its 1500 users

Redesigning the interface of Vaudoise Assurances' EDM system from top to bottom

Boosting the efficiency of Vaudoise Assurances' staff

Vaudoise Assurances has more than 100 branches in Switzerland. Every day the company receives between a thousand and two thousand e-mails at its head office in Lausanne. As many documents are then scanned and stored away in the right customer files inside the right virtual folders, which saves the staff a considerable amount of time when looking for documents.  

"The volume of documents that needs to be archived is colossal in the insurance sector. That is why we wanted to have a system that is secure and reliable, and automates all the scanning and document management processes," explains Christophe Moosmann, Head of Department - Cross-disciplinary projects at Vaudoise Assurances.

A scalable migration of the system combined with an overhaul of its ux and graphics

Two years ago, the EDM system used by Vaudoise Assurances was no longer up to date and was performing poorly. 

"We wanted to migrate to a new version but also make improvements to the design of our system. That is the reason why weturned to SQLI Switzerland and its digital agency WAX Interactive

Indeed, we realised that the initial version of the interface was not suited to being used by staff, who were often less efficient at doing many tasks. For example, when someone opened a customer file, they noted down the number of the relevant contract on a piece of paper, and then they would have to go to another menu and access their Claims file… it was too time-consuming," says Christophe Moosmann.

The WAX Interactive UX experts then took the time to meet with Vaudoise Assurances' staff to understand how they used the EDM system and even count the number of clicks needed to perform a task. 
This was necessary to make the models that would go on to become the new interface of the EDM solution.

Adopting the new interface: the first encouraging feedback

Even if WAX Interactive's ergonomists' and visual designers' proposals were unanimously accepted by the Vaudois insurer's IT department, it was essential that the company's other staff understood the issues with the new technological version of the EDM system but also its new interface.

"With this new design, we do not want to change our staff's points of reference, but really improve their work habits by offering them a user-friendly system which facilitates their work.

The real success is that the staff, who were resistant to this change of interface at the start, have now been 'converted' and are even leading the project for others," says our contact.

"Working on the new interface is a pleasure. The visual aspect is not like our old version.

Looking for ID could be long and tedious before. Now, we have a drop-down system which is accelerating and improving searches for documents. Indexing is clearer”, explains Cédric Charton, a Pension provision specialist at Vaudoise Assurances. 

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